Thursday, August 7, 2014

Pounding down the....


I've lost another 3lbs, woohoo! Down to 175 this morning, after weeks of nothing.  I was getting majorly frustrated, too. Although I haven't been uber strict about eating, or working out.

My weight loss has slowed. But it's good to see it still moving down.  I find my main excuse not to workout is being tired, and burning feet.  I can usually push through the tired, but when my feet burn, I can't sleep let alone step, kick and jog. 

But this is the impetus and inspiration (redundant?) I need to keep pressing on. Despite that binge last night of around 500 calories due to a blood sugar drop. Reminder, never take glimepiride before bed, it's just way too strong for 8+ hours of non eating.  I've woken 3 times now with blood sugar of 50/60 because of this. You think I'd learn.

But anyway, on with the show!  Slowly but surely, I think I can, I think I can....wait.


Happy Thursday!

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