Friday, June 6, 2014

Go Me!!

It  moved, the scale moved!
After 5 weeks of pretty regular (average 5 times a week) gym workouts, and lots of healthier eating (I'm not perfect yet) ,I'm down to 182.

This is an 11 pound weight loss, woohoo!  Last week I was 185, but today the scale is definitely lower.  I'm so happy, and so proud of myself.  Guess that memo finally got delivered, lo l.

I'm taking a gym break today, as my back muscles are a bit sore from all the rowing, and my hips feel tight as well.  I'll do some light weights here at home later, and maybe some elliptical. And of course, my evening Bosco walk with Drake. It's only about 20 minutes, but it makes me feel sooo good to be outside and moving in the fresh air (well, fresh as long as Rayonier isn't blowing this way, lol).

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