Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Haven't done this in a while, so here ya go!

Breakfast: For the boy, usually stick cheese with pretzels/cheese crackers, and some fruit.
                  I have fruit, crackers, veg with dip, or this week: English muffins with
                  egg, cheese and Canadian bacon, yum!

Lunch:      Usually sandwiches. Ham, bologna (the boys fave) or tuna.  Crackers, fruit, veg and
                  dip round it out, but we sometimes have leftovers, too.  Occasionally HM* pizza.

Supper:'s the actual planned portion of this post:

                  T: Subway (Drake had turkey, Dh had Seafood Sensation, I had Italian BMT)

                  W: Spagetti with garlic bread and salad

                  Th:  Salmon patties, mac and cheese with broccoli

                  Fr:  Shake and Bake Chicken,  corn, peas

                  St:  Pork and rice, green beans

                  Sn:  Steaks, potatoes, greens

                   M:  Beef Stir Fry over noodles, bread

                   T: Hash brown casserole w ham/in     

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