Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bean Counting!

Or....What we're doing in Homeschool. lol

Still working on handwriting and letter sounds, he's getting there. He's a lot more willing to try
on his own than he was just 3 months ago, so yay for that. 

Basic Math, starting with addition. Once he's fully comfortable working with the beans (he's a
visual learner, like me), I'll move him into subtraction as well.

You can see his paperwork in the background he completed before this, all handwriting-focused.

Some anatomy. He is fascinated by the human body, so we've been looking at pictures of muscles,
bones and the circulatory system in terms he understands.

Tablet work, focusing on problem solving, remembering sequence/pattern, math and reading. (He's
not reading yet, but we're working on it.)

Here's another counting pic, just for fun!

Kindly ignore the mess in the background, if you please!

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