Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Beachin' it!

In January.

Last week we had to take a trip to Brunswick for a doctor's appointment, and afterwards we spent a little time over on Saint Simon's Island, at Neptune Park.  Drake had to put the playground to the test, of course.

Here he is in the swings. Not pictured: the climbing towers and slides, which he also gave a workout.
You can see the whale sculpture in the back right (pic below).

On the beach!  Drake had a blast digging in the (cold) sand, choosing shells to take home, and threatening us with dashing into the waves. He wanted to take his shoes off, too.  Silly boy!

This place is wonderful!  There are Live Oaks (state tree of Ga) that are hundreds of years old, a pool and mini golf complex, picnic and open green areas, free playground, and a lovely pier for fishing or just relaxing over the water, watching cargo ships come in and out of the harbor.  We love it there.

Here is the whale statue, great for climbing or picture posing. The playground is to the left, the lighthouse to the right a bit.
Here's a view from the top of the lighthouse. You can see the pier in the upper left, the pool and golf course, the Oaks and green space.  This is a recently finished project, and worth every penny!

This goes without mention of the lighthouse, always a fun thing to explore and learn about (but don't climb that sucker in the summer, you will DIE! lol), the beach, fun and funky village and shops, old homes, ect. 

Here's the lighthouse, from the front of the Keeper's Cottage. It's a great tour, we want to go again before it gets too hot.  The playground/ect is behind this scene, the beach to the left.

It was a nice day, and a nice break from blah, cold weather. It's currently 66 degrees on Saint Simon's today. :) For all that I sometimes wish we had a bit of snow to liven up the drab winter, I wouldn't trade our wonky weather for all the frigid temps elsewhere for anything!

 Happy January!

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