Sunday, December 15, 2013

Family Traditions

Yesterday we played out a great activity that has become a happy family tradition.
We got our Christmas Tree!

For the past 3 years, we've went to Days of Creation Christmas Tree Farm here in
Wayne County to pick and cut our tree. We love it there.  It's a family owned
business, run by the parents and with help from the kids.  Everyone is always so
friendly and helpful, and even the kids can tell you all about the different species
of trees they sell (scent, longevity, color, ect). 

This past summer was harsh on the farm, and many trees show signs of it.  But
the far side row was in better shape, and we found the perfect tree for us. Drake
loved roaming the ailes, hugging the little 'baby' trees and just being a 5 year old
out in the cool weather.

Dh did the honors of cutting it (as always) and hauling it back on the hand cart
to be shaken, wrapped and payed for. MIL came with their truck to carry it home
for us.  While at the farm, we also enjoyed a requisite hayride (in which it POURED
rain) and the driver/owner got soaked. Above and beyond, b/c we were snug and dry
under the tarp over the hay.

Then once the rain let up, we toured the animals. Goats, chickens and rabbits, Drake
loved them all.  We had a cup of hot chocolate to see us off  (with the option of
hot apple cider) and great conversation with the family.  A super day!

Later in the evening, we all set up and decorated our tree, even adding beads at the
boy's request. It's lovely, and our whole house smells divine.  Here's a pic from the
farm, of Drake peeking through one of the 'Trees' set up for posing and pics. Enjoy!

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