Thursday, October 24, 2013

Women's Breakfast

I never posted this, and it's way overdue.

Our annual Women's Breakfast at Calvary in August was a huge success (as always).
The Calvary Kitchen Men cooked us breakfast (sausage, bacon, eggs, grits, biscuits, fruit and more), the gym was festive and fun with all the decorations (I had a blast with my table, more on that later), and our speaker was superb.

Kelly Ingram is funny, uplifting and insightful.  Her testimony, revolving around her experiences and pain raising a son with autism, had us both laughing and crying.  Her theme was that even in the hard times, God is preparing us, growing us, never leaves us. He loves to use those troubles and people to show us things we'd normally shy away from.  Despite our limited viewpoint, He brings about our growth and His glory. It was amazing. I'm so glad I didn't miss it.

And about the table? Women volunteered to decorate a table/s, and each chose a theme. Some had gorgeous floral arrangements and settings, others went country, with cowboy hats, boots (never worn), and checkered tablecloths (western theme, it was adorable).  I think my favorite was the Jewish Study table, with a Menorah, blue and white prayer shawl, Bible, and old timey glasses places just so.  Sublime. 

Myself? I went rustic, working with what I had on hand.  A cute little cabin arrangement my MIL gave me for a housewarming gift years ago (we have a wildlife themed living room, so it was easy), a deer figurine I bought my husband when I started with Home Interiors years ago, and my oil lamps and chicken figurines from my collection (had to dig these out of storage, I have so many!). 

A yard of camo fabric tied it all together, and I was very pleased with it. So fun and simple.
Here ya go!

The 'back' of the table, with the chickens and oil lamps. Ignore the large white paper, I forgot to move it.  The other papers on each setting are a calendar, info on Calvary, and other neat and inspirational things.

The 'front' of the table, with the deer and cabin and oil lamps.
You can also see the green and burgundy placemats, camo fabric and a
bit of the chicken kitchen towel I used for table favors.
So fun!

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