Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Water, water, Everywhere....

But not at the kitchen sink.

 Sigh.  The above faucet is old and kind of ratty, having suffered through years of use and abuse.
I guess it was time to replace it.  I found this out for certain when I turned it on the other day and water geysered up some 2 feet in the air from the base of said faucet.

Once Dh got to exploring under the sink, turns out the thing had been leaking for some time, unnoticed. Sigh. So now we're hoping the whole countertop doesn't need removing/replacing just for the faucet repair.

This also cramps my housekeeping.  I have a good dishwasher full of dishes that need washing, and no water with which to do so.  Of course, I'm more practical than that. More old school, too.

I'll either, A. Use the (really well cleaned) bathtub to wash them by hand, or B. Use 2 buckets and boiling/boiled water and wash them outside. Problem solved.

At least for this load.  I may love to read about Pioneering, and watch PBS reality shows based on  the concept, but I can assure you, fixing this faucet is at the top of the Honey-do list, lol.

 Not my sink, but my granny had one just like it. Enameled cast iron, double drain boards.  I wish I'd asked for that when we moved, but alas, I was young and dumb.

Maybe one day.....

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