Friday, December 14, 2012

Family Memories

Today was Tree Day, finally!

Once Dh was in from work, we headed out to Days of Creation Christmas Tree Farm to pick out our tree.  We've been there 3 Christmases now, and highly recommend them!

We picked out and cut our tree, took a hayride, and visited the animals (rabbits, goats and chickens).
Drake was so excited about everything he didn't want to leave!  Our tree had to be tied to the car to get it home, but it's up and decorated and just 'bootiful' as Drake keeps exclaiming.

Here are some pics I took, as well a couple from the website.  Enjoy!

 The sign, of course. (website)

 Christmas Tree Lane, literally. (website)

 Mr. Herrin, kindly giving us a ride.

Drake thought this was a 'cool deal', lol.
 Tony 'cuttin tree'. Awkward,no?
   And we finished up the day with steamy bowls of delicious chili.  Perfect for a, well, chilly day out among the trees!
Annnd...that all for now.  I'll post a pic of the finished product, er..tree, once it's completely decorated.  Hope you're making happy memories this season, too!

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