Sunday, October 7, 2012

Missionary at Home, or How my Bookshelf Inspires Me

Here lately, I've been drawn to 'conversion stories'. Especially in foreign, hostile lands.  The lives, struggles and triumphs of missionaries to these places is also fascinating and uplifting.

We in America throw the word 'persecuted' around a lot.  And to a point, yes we are.  But we have nothing on the men and women that are living and breathing that word every moment.  I find that reading about their lives encourages mine. How could it not?

Living in a free country, I can spread my faith without fear, without real persecution.  I won't be arrested, beated, killed.  So how much more should I/we be doing with this freedom?  And how much do I/we actually do? 

Things to think about.

I'm currently reading:

Kisses from Katie
Behind the veils of Yemen
The costly Call
Gladys Aylward, the Little Woman

And several others I may mention in a later post.
I hope you have a God and Faith filled bookshelf, and that it inspires
you, too!

Here's Kisses from Katie, and you can follow her blog at:

Kisses from Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption  -     
        By: Katie J. Davis, Beth Clark

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