Saturday, August 18, 2012

No sides?

I recently saw a photo/link on FB that got me thinking.
It showed a picture of the world with the caption, "When you live on a round planet, there's no choosing sides." and was attributed to a Dr. Wayne Dyer.

At first glance, it sounds good, right?   We're all for one and one for all.  Everyone working together for the common good.  Sounds wonderful, something we could all agree on.

But not so fast.  Let's look a little deeper.  Think about this from a Biblical view rather than a worldly one.  How about a fact check?

  • We are called to help those in need, the poor and downtrodden.  True. 
  • We are called to help people and love them regardless of race or creed.  True.

Sounds good right?  And it is.  But! (you knew that was coming didn't you?) There are a few more truths that shed some light on our attitude toward this platitude.

  • God hates sin.  So much that he cannot even look upon it. 
  • People are, without Christ, ALL enemies of God, and lost.
  • Light cannot have fellowship with darkness.

Okaaay....sounds like we should shun the unbelievers entirely, right?  Not so fast.
Another few facts.

  • We are called to spread the Gospel to all the world, to share it with unbelievers.
  • We are called to live out His love with actions, not just words.
  • We are called to come out of the dark and live in the Light, to become new creations.

So how are we to take this group of facts and apply them to the 'no sides' exhortation?
Fact is, we MUST choose sides.  We must choose that which is Godly and righteous.  We cannot cling to the sinful world while proclaiming His World. 

Instead we must go out in love and truth, His Love and Truth, and spread His light to the darkness of the world.  We can love people, are called to it, but we cannot support the sins this world is drowning in.  To do so is to drown ourselves.

So I will be taking sides.  His side.    And I will be recruiting this dark world to join me in the light.  There are sides.  Only one leads to life eternal.   Are you on the right one?

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