Friday, April 27, 2012

FInally Friday

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 It's easy to forget we are in a battle. We can get so engrossed in our own

daily cares that we forget to lean on the Lord, to humble ourselves under His

hand, and realize we are easily tempted, led astray, taken captive.

You cannot walk this Christian life alone. You need spiritual armor if you're going

to make it to the end. Satan may portray himself as an angel of light, but He wants

nothing more than to tear your life apart, ruin your marriage, destroy the faith of

your children--we see it every week. We are no match for the tempter. God has

given us a battle plan--without it, you cannot win against the schemes of Satan.


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I needed this today.  Right now, my life is in a state of transition.  You see, my mom
has Alzheimer's, and while she has been independent, her physical health is not good.

After yet another (5 in 4 weeks) visit to the ER for basically anxiety, she's now in a
convalecent home 40 miles from me, rather than 2 blocks away.  I'm torn.  I want her
safe and happy, but I know that this change of living will exacerbate her disease.

I need to remember that God is in control, that He has this all figured out already, and
that, just as His word says, He directs the mother's footsteps.  Keeping myself centered
in Him, surrounded by Him, wearing His armor, will help me through this painful and
sometimes frightening time. 

How awesome is our God!!

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