Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Or, all grown up.
Drake got his hair cut today.  An actual, full on cut, not a trim.
It was time.  Even with the 'tails' off, it still tangled, resulting in tears when combed
and a flyaway, unkempt look.  The new cut is more tidy and 'little boy'.

Daddy wasn't keen, but I couldn't stand it anymore.  So we agreed to go for it.
He did fine (Drake, not Daddy, though he did good, too. lol)  He sat in the chair big
as you please, only flinching a bit when she worked on his bangs, and buzzed the area
around his ears.  So far, he hasn't said anything about it or even paid it any mind.

We kept the 'ponytail', and just like Drake, it has a tight coil of hair (his 'undercoat')
and longer straight strands on top.  Cutting it made his hair look darker, too.  I'm
pretty sure he'll turn out to be brunette or even almost black, like me. 

Just for comparison, here's a pic of him a couple months ago (well, about 6 weeks)
for our church directory.  It's so different, like having another child in the house, lol.

At the very least, like we exchanged him for the older, 3.5 version, lolol. (he's 3.5yrs)

He's since declared he can stay by himself at home and watch movies, rather than going to town with us, lol.  He's all but dropped the sippy/bottle/milk, and can recite almost 100 words worth of prayers and song at bedtime.  Abc's are good, and up to 10 in numbers (needs help in the teens).

He can work his smaller tv and dvd player by himself (but drives us bonkers asking to change the movie every 15 minutes, lol).  TV toons are of little interest to him lately; he's going to be such a techno-geek, lol.


  1. The haircut definitely makes him look like a big boy. What a cutie pie! Blessings to you!

    1. Thanks so much!
      Blessing right back at'cha! :D