Saturday, February 4, 2012


Drake got his first real haircut yesterday. 
In three years, other than his bangs (which I trimmed), his hair had never met a scissors.
He handled it fine.  He did want his daddy and me to stand up there with him, but he never
fussed or cried.  He was however, very glad to get down, lol.

His hair was LONG.  To the middle of his back, and curly on the very ends.  Except for the layer
under the top.  It was wildly curly, and so over the years began to look shorter than the upper
layer, as it curled and the top layer only twisted  a bit.

It was looking kind of stringy, I have to admit.  It was also a nightmare to comb/brush.  So
Dh and I decided to cut the 'tails' off it.  Just a trim of the underside, and cutting the upper
twisties to the same length as the rest when it curls.  It looks much better.

Do I miss it?  A bit. Watching him run around and not seeing his 'tails' is bittersweet, but
overall he now looks much more 'styled and tailored'.  Well, as much as this wild child can, lol.

It still hangs past his shoulders.  He still gets taken for a girl (a regular occurance), as proven
last night at Love's Seafood in Savannah.  As usual, we just laugh and go on.

Soon he'll have his own playset outside within a fenced yard, and become ever more independent.
A lot of milestones are going to occur this year.  Someone, please pass me a 'pause' button!

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