Monday, January 30, 2012

Of goals and gardening

Square foot gardening, that is. 

This is our family's latest project, modeled after the book by Mel Bartholomew.
I stumbled onto it while in search of beginner gardening tomes at the library. I
almost didn't choose it, but decided it looked interesting and that at the least it
might give me a few good tips.

Ha!  I fell in love with the idea, and now Dh is champing at the bit to build the
box and get started.  Dang that daily job, lol, getting in the way.  You can find
more info on SFG online, just google it, but make sure you've got Mel's site,
as there are several spinoffs out there.

Here's a pic of a couple lovely raised beds using the SFG method. You can see the grids here that are the hallmark of SFG.   I hope ours looks so nice!

Along with the new garden, we hope to fence a small portion of our 1/2 acre
backyard for a playset for the boy.  It will encompass the garden box as well
so that it will a snap to keep up with him while I play in the dirt, lol.

Once we get it set up and going, I'll def post pics, so stay tuned!
(also, it's wonderful to be back online after almost 9 months of computerless-ness!)

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