Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Happy St. Pat's!

Or, 50 Shades of Green!
Pretty sure another tablescaper used that title, but I' borrowing it now, lol.

As my Granny was of the most esteemed Bowen clan, late of Ireland *very late, like 1600's*
I claim myself pinch proof! HEehee

3 of the little Leprechaun's were from Dollar Tree, the salt and
pepper shakers  were Ebay/Amazon. Garland, shamrocks, coins, 
and hats all from Dollar Tree, as was most of the flowers.

The shamrock napkin fold didn't happen, but here's a 3 leaf/prong
something or other that kind of resembles a clover. 
Just go with it, k? lol

The long shot. 50 shades of Green!

1 comment:

  1. Tammy, that's so pretty! I love St.Patrick's Day decor. Oh and yes I crocheted the tea bag wallet myself.