Saturday, November 23, 2019

Growing up

More sleepovers!
D is really growing up, in so many ways.

His friend R spent the night with him a couple weeks ago, and it went pretty well.
D doesn't like teasing, and R did some of that, and there was some 'he doesn't want to
do what I want to do' moments, but both boys are new to the friendship thing, and so
are still figuring it out.

We stayed out of it mostly, other than redirecting from the teasing, and suggesting
alternate entertainment they could both enjoy together. D was ready for R to go by
the middle of the next day, though. He isn't used to sharing stuff for long, lol.

But tonight D is going to R's house. We sent him with pizza and snacks, his favorite
Luigi plush (comfort thing), and 2 days worth of clothes. I'm an overpacker, I know. :)

R's dad will call us tomorrow when the boys start to wear on each other. I'll be at work,
but Dh will go get him at the halfway point. That's 30 min from us, about 30 miles, and
a few more to their house. But things seem to be going well so far. I try not to project
my worries and anxiety on D, but we did let him know we'd come get him at any time,
even the middle of the night, if he can't stay that long.

We are having Tgiving with our nephew and my fam. Which is he and his wife, 3 kids,
my sister, my, Dh, D, and my MIL, and maybe my brother and his girlfriend. I'll prob
make pizza pasta salad and butterfinger lush to take with.  Should be a good time.

Happy T'giving!

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