Thursday, February 9, 2017

So this is winter??

Temps of near 80 degrees sure don't make it feel that way!
I'm loving the warmth and light, though.

Dh got the boy's trampoline put together, with some help from our nephew.

Got the things to finish the porch like we want (close in the side entrance, add
a gate to the main, to keep the dog off the porch).

MIL's room is nearly complete, all she lacks is a mattress, chair and dresser.

Homeschool continues, but we've slowed down on math and gone back to
multiplication. The boy can't seem to remember his times tables, so we're spending
the month working on that before picking up division again.

Speaking of the boy, he's sick today. Woke early this am with a fever and threw up
once. We're off to AppleCare shortly.

This means that Dh had to take our two trash cans to the landfill by himself. The
neighbor's dog turns them over at the road, and they won't tie him on Fridays. :(

I'm exhausted this morning. Very little sleep. Restless leg/arm/whole dang body
syndrome. Ugh. Once Dh is off to work and the boy situated I see a nap if I can
manage it.

I've been enjoying Victoria on PBS each Sunday. It's a great show, lush and vivid.
If you like costume dramas, check it out!


  1. I'm sorry your son is sick today. Praying he feels better. It's warm here today too. Our high will be 74. I don't know if that's normal for January or not. December we had highs in the 30s. Have a blessed day!

  2. Thank you, sweet friend!
    He is much better today, but now Dh has it, but worse! He/dh has strep, and bronchitis. It always seems to hit him harder.

    I have a sore throat still, but really only upon waking. I feel fine. Brr at the 30's temps. Today was 74, and yesterday the house got warm enough (78) for the a/c to kick in! Crazy.

    Happy V-day!!