Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Nearly there...

It's been a busy time for us these last days.
Dh was on 4day, so we got a bit done around the house.

3 ceiling fans up, an attempt at the blinds we bought (the trip to Lowes also happened) but those didn't work out. I wound up ordering the same ones online from Walmart that I'd bought in store.
They should be here by Oct 1.

The steps are moved into place (that joker is HEAVY), all that's needed is to cut and sand the opening in the current porch railing. My refrigerator is here, WOOHOO!! His name is Leopold (yes, I named my fridge. The utility trailer is called Atlas). I'm weird that way. No, the other appliances don't have names. I don't know why. Newness? Ds's bed is assembled and in place, and today we picked up his mattress and box spring and his room is complete, aside from wall decorating.

Still to do? Hang curtain rods, three of them, and curtains once they come this weekend. Find out why the ice maker won't make ice (it's our water line not sending water). We think it's related to
the utility room sink (on the same wall) not putting out cold water, only hot. Also, the spigot on that
wall outside doesn't work at all.

The drain in Ds's bath needs changing, the faucet is getting a new one (courtesy of MIL), shelves and
shower curtain have to go up in there. We need to hang pics and decs throughout the house. The carport and shop are bought, waiting on the concrete pad (Friday) and assembly.

So, lots still to do. Do you ever really stop when you own a home? I think not! lol
Today we rode into town for a Dr visit (all is well), and enjoyed lunch at the Huddle House. Their chili isn't bad, I had a bowlful along with a grilled chicken sandwich. It was really too much, but so
very good. Ds loves the new pancakes (choc chip), and Dh got the hashbrowns, all the way. Good times.

In an hour, Ds and I will leave for Awana, after I put the burgers in the oven. I'll come back and finish the meal, so that Dh can eat at 7 when he wakes up (graveyard shift). He'll leave at 8 for work, and I'll pull out ahead of him to pick up Ds.  I may do some work in the little bath tonight, after I fold laundry.

Tomorrow, I need to pay the power bill in town, pick up a mattress protector at WM, and maybe a bag of fish feed at Tractor Supply. There are now fish in our pond the length of your hand, and half as wide, so they are growing. Got to feed the hungry beasties, so they can one day feed us! lol

Friday will hopefully be a slow day, with only soccer practice in the afternoon. First game is Saturday, and afterwards, Ds and I may ride back to Lowe's to exchange/return the blinds that didn't work. Dh will no doubt be on 12's graveyard (ick), so it will be a quick trip.

Sunday is church, hopefully. Then, a much needed rest! Happy week, folks!

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