Saturday, August 27, 2016

The good, the bad, the ugly

So, Mayo is done for now.
We have to return Tuesday for one more day of tests, then wait around two weeks for a letter declaring Dh eligible or not for kidney transplant. I hope it's negative, and I'll explain why.

His GFR/kidney function is around 23% last time we checked a few months ago. Mayo likes it
to be under 20 for transplant. If it's too high, that means his kidneys are 'too healthy' right now
to warrant going on the list. Let's pray they stay that way a LONG time.

It's a treatment, not a cure. He will have meds to take the rest of his life, some with not so nice
side effects. Missing one dose, or even being an hour late, can throw him into rejection.  He may
have to go on dialysis if the new kidney is 'sleepy' and doesn't work well at first. He's not on dialysis
now or showing any symptoms, so I'd rather avoid it as long as possible.

The meds are expensive. Yes, he'll get Medicare to help, but only for 3 years! Then it stops. What if
he can't work then (disability, I know, maybe) or has a lower paying/less ins job? Our plan seems
pretty good from what we researched (a real pain, time and aggravation), but it's still a scary prospect.

So, hoping for a negative result, due to 'good' health. This has really shocked him. Scared him, really. Maybe now he'll get serious about eating right and working out as he can.

I read about the woman that died holding her son above water, and was sick. Today, our son almost drowned. We attended our great nephew's 6th birthday, at my sisters.  They had a water slide (huge, but fun). They also have an in ground pool. Also fun, but needs caution.

Drake is very good at obeying when we tell him stuff, so he didn't go near the pool (has a 6 foot wooden fence) until we went with him. He went from slide to pool to slide, then watched Logan
open presents. Decided he wanted to swim a bit more, rather than do the piƱata.

I went with him, sat down with my coke and phone and watched him. I did NOT play on my phone.
I turned at one point to the table next to me, took a drink and set my phone down (it had been in my lap). I turned back and he was 3 feet past the shallow marker rope and dogpaddling for all he was worth. He can't swim.

I ripped off my shoes, screaming his name and jumped in. Grabbed him, held him up as best I could and used one hand to struggle to the side. Another parent heard me yell (as did Dh) and came running. Parent grabbed my hand and pulled us to the side, Dh pulled Drake up.

Y'all, it scared me SO BAD. I just held on to the side and cried. Terrifying, seeing your child about to die. He was scared, too. In normal Drake fashion, he began apologizing and turned away (sitting down) and huddled up. I gathered him up and held him so tight, reassuring him that he was fine, we weren't angry. That he made a mistake, but it would be ok.

He didn't want to stay after that. No more pool, no slide, no cake or playing. He said he was done. We came home and DH left for graveyard shift. Drake is fine, but very cuddly tonight. He still talks about mama and daddy always saving him. We've had a talk about why it's SO important to follow the rules (not going past the cable/marker). I think this drove it home today. He just got a bit brave and took a chance.

Thank you, GOD that it didn't end in disaster.
I'm going to hug my baby now, and make plans for swimming lessons.
(no more putting it off b/c he's scared)

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  1. Father God, I ask for a miracle for this family in the name of Jesus by the power of the blood he shed on the cross and the stripes he took on his back for our healing. Amen.

    Hugs to you, so glad your son is okay.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage