Sunday, July 31, 2016

Weekly doings

This week is a mishmash of things.

Tomorrow we rise early and meet the a/c guys at the house to install the a/c.
We'll let them in and leave them to it. They can lock up and turn the power off
when they're done.

When we leave there, we're stopping by Ace to get paint samples, as I've changed
my mind about color. I really, REALLY want to hire this out, but it looks like it's
going to be up to us, due to money. :( We can wait til after the 15th, when we close
on our current house, but...the carpet goes in the 18th, and we leave the 21st for
5 days at Mayo. It will be Sept til we can hire it out. Sad.

Dh will go home and sleep, and the boy and I will go to Walmart for the weeks groceries.
Fun times, and the heat makes it so special. lol

Tuesday we'll stay home, Dh will go to work.
Wednesday he'll come in from graveyard, sleep a while, then we'll get up and head to
the house to start...something.

Pulling carpet?
Cleaning walls?
Removing outlet covers?
Buying paint and supplies?
All of the above and more?

I've got to get with family and see if we have any help. There are offers, of course, but
if they amount to real work, we'll have to see.

Thurs and Fri Dh is off, so it will be more of the same, likely.
Trying to plan supper and lunch around this without eating out will be tricky.

I'll maybe make sandwiches and take chips and drinks and we'll lunch 'on the grounds',
lol. Got to get the cooler out of storage. Supper will be fast and easy I'm thinking.

Hot dogs (well, sausage dogs, I already have some of those)
Tacos with the precooked meat

Tomorrow and Tuesday will be:

Roast in crockpot.

Hmmm, I could totally take the crockpot and fixin's and cook it while we're there!
We could eat our first meal there. But then to bring it back...

Eh, we'll see. Either way, it's sure to be quite the week.

PS: Kitchen Pics are up on Little Pond (!

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