Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Be the difference

That's the theme of the new year at Calvary Baptist Church.

Bro. Vann spoke from Phillipians 2:12-18, encouraging us to externalize our faith.
A faith without works is dead, so we should 'work out' our faith by sharing it with other people,
showing love and mercy and God's truth.

Not because the works save us, Christ has already done that, but because if we believe, then we live it out physically, as 'proof' of that faith.  Not just 'name it and claim it' * but claim it and DO IT.

A lighthouse is a lovely thing, but without it's light, it's useless to ships seeking safety. We should be the light for weary 'travelers' and show them how to find everlasting safety in Christ.

I've recommitted to trying to read the Bible through this year, we'll see how it goes. I have a tendency to forge ahead, and then get burned out about 75% of the way through. Actually following a schedule will be a challenge for me.

What are your resolutions/determinations/desires for the new year?
No matter what they might be, let's all try to 'Be the Difference' to someone/s this year.

* the 'name  it and claim it' line was not mentioned by our pastor, I threw that in there for my own emphasis.  Bro. Vann does NOT preach prosperity gospel! (the only 'prosperity' he does preach is God's blessings and Heaven, along with obedience)

Happy New Year!
(4 days late)

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