Tuesday, December 15, 2015

No Ordinary Joe...

Free today.
Raising a Modern Day Joseph. Haven't read it, but looking forward to it.

My own little man continues to amaze and delight me. Today at Damon's (chicken restaurant), he asked for change to put in the ARF box. ARF is Animal Rescue Foundation, our local group that rehomes and fosters cats and dogs (and sometimes other critters, too). He wanted to help the animals find good homes.

He always asks for money to put in the Salvation Army kettle each time we go to Walmart or Kmart (yep, we still have one in our town). He knows the money goes to help those in need.

I pray that his heart always stays open to the needy and less fortunate, and that he shows Christ's love in both big and small ways, and with money, time and the Gospel.

I want this before I want a fancy degree/lots of money/house/cars/fame for him. If he remains in Jesus, then he's already got it all.



Kneeling in Bethlehem, Poems for Advent and Christmas.

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