Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Mia Culpa, again.

What a mess.

So, we have a swing set that our son no longer uses.
Months ago, I offered it to a family friend free. They were ecstatic.

Then she told me she didn't have anyone to come get it/take it apart.
I heard nothing else about it.

Until tonight. After someone posted on FB requesting a free/low cost
swing set. Assuming that the family friend no longer wanted it, I offered
it to the FB woman.

They are coming this weekend to get it. An hour later, after I'd finalized
plans with FB lady, my MIL calls to tell me the family friend has someone
to come get the swing set Saturday!

The family friend told her this morning (family friend has my number, is
friends on FB, but did not contact me) and MIL was going to tell me. She
got busy and forgot. When she remembered, I'd already made the deal w/
FB lady.

So family friend called, wanting me to reneg on FB lady so FF could have it.
I said I couldn't do that, but if FB lady backed out, FF could have it.  FF is
disappointed and hurt. It was to be for her friend/daughter? children for Christmas.

But this other lady just got custody of her grandkids and wants it for the same
reason.  After months of hearing nothing from FF, I assumed they didn't want it, so
I didn't call to ask her for an update.

Now I feel terrible. I SHOULD have called FF. But then, she SHOULD have
called me this morning. As it was, we missed each other by an hour. But what
changes in that hour.

I felt good about helping someone in need, but now I feel horrible that FF is hurt.
In trying to do good, I just messed up again. MIL feels like I should have called
FF. I sometimes feel like I go from mistake to mistake, and while MIL and I love
one another (she's a super MIL) I feel like she maybe....looks down....is disappointed....
something not warm and fuzzy...in me as a DIL and a person.

Can't win for losing seems to be my motto quite often.

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