Thursday, July 9, 2015

Family Day!

Yesterday was Family Day!
We had a great time at Strike Zone playing pool and bowling.

The boy was upset b/c he didn't knock all the pins down/his fave green ball didn't go in the hole, but once he got over his mad, he started to have fun. And so did we!

Pics to follow, stay tuned.

We finished the day at Denny's, but that was unfortunately not as pleasant. Note to self:
When you order the Nachos, do notice the ZESTY modifier in the TITLE and take it seriously.

Those things were zesty like rocket fuel! To the moon, Alice, and I ain't kiddin'.  The manager was kind enough to offer an alternative, so b/c the boy didn't like the pizza, they brought him some mac and cheese. He ate it all, then shared the 3 scoop cookie sundae with me.  So not a bad finish.

Got a good word from one doctor yesterday (reason for the out of town visit).  Thyroid is perfect, BP is normal.  Blood sugar is up. High.  I knew this. Turns out, I haven't been taking my meds right. Again!  I completely forgot the dr's instructions on my last visit and didn't up the dose of one med.

At least I know WHY the numbers weren't going down. Now I can fix it, hopefully.

Happy Summer!

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