Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Auld lang sine

So, I sold my mama's (legally mine) house. 

It is bittersweet. I was fine at closing and even before, but now that Dh has moved a few pieces of furniture out, I'm getting emotional. Monday is the last day my brother can stay there, per the contract agreement. It's all just hitting me now, that it's really over.

It's not my house, not my mama's house anymore. It closes a chapter in our lives that I thought I was ready for. The last physical link to my mama is gone. Of course, I have pictures, momentos, even her lovely cherry/glass display cabinet and a few pieces of clothing (she had excellent taste).

It just brings up how much I miss her.  I wish (sometimes, I know she is with Jesus and far better off) she were here to watch Drake grow up, go to his T ball games, and just kid around with like we used to before the Alz took her sense of humor. It is the final 'letting go', and it is harder than I thought.

So, I'll drink a cup (of tea) of kindness. A cup for auld lang sine.  She wasn't perfect, and sometimes it was awful and hard and dark. But I am grateful to have her for my mom, and say she left a legacy of love, laughter, and faith.

May the new owner have many happy years in her (now his) house. She was very proud of it (being the first home she ever owned), and I hope he will be too. 

Goodbye 391 SWD. We will miss you.


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