Thursday, February 19, 2015

It's been awhile....

Took an internet break, but I'm back now. 

We had a good, if quiet Thanksgiving/Christmas.  We didn't do nearly the amount of going and doing that we normally do. No Okefenokee Light Show, No local live Nativity here in our little town. We did manage the Christmas parade, but I was so out of sorts it wasn't really fun for me. 

I chalk it up to being the first year without my mama.  Although had she lived she would have been in a nursing home and unable to be with us, I still was unsettled. I just wanted it done and gone. Sad, but true.

Now, I'm ready for spring. So ready for spring!  Some months back (yes, months) I planted (finally) some greens in my garden bed. They were doing really well, then it rained. And my garden box didn't drain.  Half of them drowned before Dh could fix it.  Now I'm left with about 4 bundles of greens about 8 inches high.  After several month of growing.  Not a stellar success. 

I plan to harvest them soon, and prep the bed for spring planting.  Drake has gotten interested in helping me pick out seeds, and as a result I have enough packets to plant the entire Midwest. Well, it feels that way, my seed box is overflowing! At least it's good for his science projects and learning!

We also got this great new grill.  We've used it twice now, and love it.  It's been years since we had one, and we've missed the delicious flavors of home grilled food. 

The weather today here in SE Georgia is cold and clear.  Pretty, for winter.  Here's a view from my back porch door. You can see Dh's shop on the back left, where he's working today on something or other. It's a man thing, lol.

Hurry up Spring, we need you!

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