Monday, May 12, 2014

Step by step

5 miles down today!  Between the treadmill and recumbent bike I was all over that workout.  Well, okay, not really. Had to take a lot of breaks, and it took me an hour and 50 minutes but I made it!

I've cut out soft drinks (except as a treat when we go to town occasionally) and am trying to limit the high fat/calorie foods.  Trying to stick to sugar free when possible (stupid diabetes, but my numbers are good).

Today, my feet are sore.  That extra mile shows. Nonetheless, I'm going back tomorrow.  At least 4 miles is my goal.  Later this week I want to start resistance training and some weights. Still not ready for the gym's elliptical (that thing is murder!), but my own will see some action here at home (it has a much shorter stride, so more do-able).

Dh worked out this morning with the cross fit team, and liked it.  Hopefully he'll see some results soon. I'm trying to wait a couple weeks in to weigh and 'keep' the number.  I'll post here when I do.

Gotta go, laundry and supper call!

Oh! The red nail polish drama? All worked out. I did have something red and springy to wear after all!  And I got to keep the "Rawr!" red nails, lol.

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