Thursday, March 13, 2014

Winter of our Discontent

(This is the post previous to the one below, that I never uploaded.  Done now for my future reference.)

Wow, what a season.

I do not say this lightly.  Here lately our families have been dealing with all kinds of issues from simply worrisome to totally tragic.  I'm ready for a new, quiet season.

In December, my mom got pneumonia, and in January we placed her in permanent nursing home care.  Two weeks ago, she had a CVA (mini stroke) and is now undergoing therapy to regain full use of her arm, and maybe to walk again. She is almost nonverbal now, though. The occasional sentence is about all we get from her now, though she will answer your questions.  She is just very 'inward' focused.  I hate this, to see my vibrant mama in this state.  Still, I am grateful to have her cognizant at all.

Last Friday, MIL and I were at Sizzle (girls night out at church) and had the best time.  We were sitting in my driveway talking after when my niece (her granddaughter) called with urgent news.  MIL hurried home, DH called her on the way to see what was going on.  My SIL had been shot in her driveway. 

We hurried over, then to the local hospital to wait for her arrival.  As it was, they airlifted her to Savannah. By the time DH and MIL got there (I stayed home with Drake) she was dead.  Shot 7 times.  Murdered.  We don't know why or by whom.  It has been horrible.

Compounding this is inner family issues for MIL that have become a nightmare, but we've done our best to help her through, and will continue to do so. Lori leaves a 16 year old daughter, her parents and brother.  Prayers for them would be appreciated in the days and weeks to come.

Hurry up, Spring!  We need brighter days.

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