Friday, November 29, 2013

Our good, good Girl

RIP Patches, 1997?-2013

She was born in the middle of our living room floor, backwards and not breathing.
I rubbed her ribs with a towel, gently pressing and rubbing until she breathed.

She used to perch at the edge of our garden tub while either of us took a bath, and
loved to sit with Dh in the recliner. When she was spayed, and we took her back to
have the stitches taken out, they were already gone! All her wild running over and
around the furniture had pulled them loose and out.

Once, while we had guests the granddaughter (about 18m old) fell on her, with her
hands mashing down into Patches' belly.  Patches whipped around and caught the
child's hand and whole arm with all of her paws/claws. But she never unsheathed
those claws. Just caught and held the baby still till we could remove her. Amazing.

Lately, she was Drake's 'friend', and he loved for her to snuggle against him and
let him pet her.  He will miss her. And so will we.   Our good, good girl.

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