Thursday, October 17, 2013

First time fishing trip

Today we took Drake to Lake Grace for his first try at fishing.
He was.....less than impressed.

At first, he was eager and excited to hold the pole, and wanted to reel in the hook
right away, lol.  But as time went on, and no fish would bite, he became bored, as
5 year olds are wont to do with a lack of action. 

Also, lots of time was spent fixing the rods/reels, as they would jam, or stop reeling
in. Very frustrating. Add to all this the dang fish kept stealing the worm and leaving
the hooks get the picture, lol.

So we left Dh to fish while we got a cool drink from the car, and then went exploring.
Watched the ants working hard under the grilling pavilion, then found huge pine cones
with seeds inside. We took turns shaking the seeds out and watching them fly away.

Some pine cones were tossed in the lake, we observed lily pads and baby pine trees,
and had a small lesson in plant growth thrown in.  Then we rounded up Dh and headed
back to town, for a late evening playtime at the park. 

It was a good day. Here's a couple pics of the wily fishermen, working their craft, lol.

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