Friday, October 11, 2013

Big Boy!

Drake is 5!!

Here's a couple pics from his party. One of him at table, and the other of his cake.
We used an edible icing sheet for the topper, and unfortunately, while it went on smooth
as glass, as it sat it began to wrinkle all over!  Still, it was yummy, and we all had a great time.

You can see in the background of the top pic games going on. Mini Golf and bowling, as well as bean bag toss.  However, the kids decided it was more fun to hit the golf balls with the bowling pins, like baseballs. lol
For a while there were golf balls, bean bags, and once I think I saw an actual pin, flying fast and furious! 'DUCK' was the word of the day, lol.

At any rate, Drake wore himself out, and didn't want the party to end. He was in bed asleep by 9pm, unheard of for our little night owl. It's going to be a great 5th year!

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