Sunday, April 21, 2013

Zoo Day!

In which I have pics of the boy at said zoo, but no real zoo pics.  Sigh.
Oh well, enjoy.

Waiting for the Train, last thing we did

Taking a break for a late lunch

                                                       Relaxing at the Jaguar habitat
We haven't taken a family trip off like this in a while. Small day trips to Savannah really don't count, as we go there all the time.  Jax is a good 2 hours from us, but it def reiterated to me that we need a serious, BIG vacation. 

My mom is currently in short term nursing care, hopefully to come home soon.  Dh is prepping for the annual Catfish Tournament here (and driving me crazy with all the stuff he needs, or the boat needs, for it), and I'm just feeling burned out.

Hopefully this fall we can take that long vaca.  I'm def looking forward to it.

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