Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Childish things

1 Corinthians 13:11

When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

This was one of the scripture references for our Jesus Calling devotional today.
It spoke of how good thought choices will keep us close to Him throughout the day.

It took a bit for the two to come together for me.  (Having a 4 year old underfoot will do that
to you, lol)  But when it did, here's what I got from it, and Drake was part of the revelation.

Many of us grew up hearing Bible stories, probably from a children's book of Bible Stories.
Those were, and still are, abbreviated versions of the 'real deal'.  Simplified for young minds
to understand, accompanied by colorful, interesting pictures.    They told us of our God and
Savior and of His great love for us.

But back to 1 Cor. 13:11, how does that tie in with children's Bible stories?
Well, a lot of folks never really move past the 'G-rated' version of God's Word.  They don't
delve any deeper, to get at the rich details and timeless truths the 'adult version' holds.  They're
content to go through life with a basic understanding and nothing more.

But we're called to delve deep, to choose wisely, to draw ever closer to Him.  To grow up,
spiritually speaking.  Let's face it, there are some hard truths in the Bible.  Things children
cannot understand, but that grown people should. 

In order to gain this wisdom, we need to be diligent in seeking understanding of His Word, no
matter how difficult it may be or how uncomfortable it may make us. In today's world, with
internet forums, phone apps, and a church on just about every corner (in the US, anyway),
there's no excuse for not getting help in our spiritual growth.

We cannot reach our full potential, nor full reach the lost around us, without a solid understanding
of what we're representing and sharing.  We have to answer the hard questions as well as the
'warm and fuzzy' ones.  We have to become Spiritual Adults.

It's time to grow up, and grow deep, in His Word.  As the old Nike ad says, Just Do It!

PS: If you're already a Spiritual Adult (or at least well on your way) why not mentor someone
who's still a 'juvenile' in the Word?  You'll both be well rewarded!

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