Sunday, October 28, 2012

De Train, mama, de train!!

Or, Day out with Thomas. (no disrespect to Herve Villechaize, he was awesome)

We've ridden trolleys (Drake's fave), visited the gift tent/got a storybook, saw Sir Topham Hatt and Smokey Bear.  Rode Thomas, took pics, ate cheeseburgers.  Played with trains and train tables, colored with markers and crayons, got a temporary tatoo. (of Thomas, of course)

Visited the War Museum and outdoor display of planes, tanks and helicopters.  Took a nap, ate a delicious supper, and are headed for Andersonville tomorrow to the Prison Memorial.  Busy weekend, and full of fun and history.

Hope your weekend was great too, and if you're in the NE, stay safe!!

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