Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ready, set, GROW!

Seeds, that is.  

I finally got our seeds started tonight.  I am def pushing the limits here, as the last frost for our area is around March 20 or so.  We've got 6 Black Krim Tomatoes, 6 Brandywine Tomatoes, 6 bell peppers, 18 chives, and 12 cucumbers snug in their little growing pots. 

The labels are ends of vinyl mini blinds I cut from one of our all-but-destroyed living room windows.
How's that for recycling? lol

The box is built (see goals and gardening, below), Dh just has to get it up on 'legs' for me.  Then we'll blend the growing mix (vermiculite, peat moss, compost--blend of manure (2 kinds), mushroom compost, and earthworm castings)), fill it, set the grid, and plant. 

Waiting for or near the last frost, still in the seed pouches, are watermelons (orange crisp-I love different and unusual things), radishes, lettuces, onions and mustards.  Well, the mustards will likely have to wait till fall, along with the brocolli too.  I waited too long for them this spring. Still, I can hardly wait to get 'down and dirty'!

I'm so excited!  It's finally coming to life.  Stay tuned for the next episode of 'how our (square foot) garden grows' lol.

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