Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Well, okay then

My pastors wife today shared on FB a photo of Ulysses S. Grant with the caption, "There are two sides now, patriots and traitors." Wow. Just wow. Nice way to alienate part of your husbands congregation. And to send a message to any church seekers in our town. Her FB is public. Why would I ever want to step foot in a building with these people? Worship with them, knowing they feel this way. Smiling to my face, while mocking me to my back. Bc she is only echoing the larger sentiment, and giving the 'go ahead' to others that it's okay to feel this way. Wow again. Way to create an echo chamber. The other day she shared that we should not put our spiritual health at risk by avoiding church. We should gather in person, and sing loudly. Our current prayer list is now 3 pages long. She has politicized the church. Like others equating mask wearing with burqas and government worship. Interstesting, seeing as how loyal they are to dear leader, and how she and others either blocked me or unfollowed me when I criticized his behavior. Very telling. Mind yourself, people. You are CHRISTIANS first. If not only. This world will pass away,and your salvation does NOT depend on what political party you follow, whether you wear a mask or not, and other such ridiculous drivel. FR posted how people who wore masks, called for online services, ect were going to hell. Mind yourselves. The evil one will come tickling your ears with what you want to hear, leading you like St Patrick to your doom. LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR. Not just your R neighbor, your 'patriot' neighbor *I hate that word now. But seems like to day, you're only a good Christian if you are an R. Or a 'patriot.' Mind yourselves.

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