Tuesday, December 1, 2020

How interesting....

FR peeps *men, of course, claim that women should never have been given the vote. Apparently, that's the start of all our troubles. I do wonder if they 'allow' their wives/daughters to vote, encourage their mothers/aunts/ect. Or do they discourage them, being true to their beliefs. Inquiring minds want to know. Speaking of women being placed in Biden's admin, they snark about needing someone to fill coffee and bagels, worrying what to roast, ect. So clever. Do their daughters have careers? Is it ok that men speak of them this way? People ARE watching. They DO see. Attitudes like this are what drive people away from the R party. Claiming to be the moral majority *that's a joke, the Christians of America. Ha. Like I said about the mask mockers, keep showing me who you are. I'm not the only one watching.


  1. Replies
    1. This year has shown me a side of Christians I never knew was so widespread. I"m no fool, I know all are sinners, but it's like something ugly and dark has been pulled out of them, and they are embracing it. My family are now 'men without a country' in regards to church/fellowship. :(