Monday, September 17, 2018

Selective Mutism, the quiet disorder....

This is what Drake has.
He has always been reserved/quiet/shy with strangers, even family he doesn't see regularly.
He will talk and play with his younger cousin, and one other family friend the same age, and also his Nana and her best friend *that invested a LOT of time to gain his trust.

He is homeschooled, but has been in sports, VBS, Awana, church, ect. No interaction with anyone, but he does play the games/soccer/baseball/tennis. There are stories on the Parents of SM kids Facebook group of 15 year olds that have NEVER spoken to people outside the immediate family, even in school. Therapy didn't work. :( So more people/school isn't necessarily the answer.

He is now in therapy, and we hope to start speech therapy soon, too. We pray these can help him 'find his Brave' as the SM community says, and ways to overcome those nameless, choking fears. Please be in prayer for him, he's almost 10.

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  1. Tammy, thank you for explaining what SM is. I have never heard of this. We have a child in the nursery who is almost two and he doesn't speak at all. He communicates pretty much by pointing so I have no idea if he has the same disorder. I will pray for your sweet boy.

  2. Thank you, Regina. Perhaps you could mention this to his parents, if it comes up in an acceptable way? It might help them, perhaps. Or, it may not and could be something else entirely going on. I'll pray for that child, too.