Saturday, June 23, 2018

Walk-in or Drive-in

Thought I'd share this little blurb from our local Ralph Hickox, owner of BOTH the downtown 'walk-in' theater, and the drive-in theatre. A bit of interesting trivia for you!

In Jesup the term “walk-in” is common and everyone understands what it means.
But, Do you know the term “walk-in” is a Jesup term not used anywhere else?

When folks come here and that is said .... they say what is a “walk-in”? When UGA sent in that team to study downtown they went on and on about that and Jesup having this unique combo.
You will be hard pressed to find a open downtown “walk-in” cinema in the same town with a “drive-in”Drive in theatre. That’s why it’s a Jesup term 

I personally don’t know of another location with both in the country.

Here is a sample of local conversation: "Want to go to the movies?" "Sure, walk-in or drive-in?"
We don't have much in the way of things to do in our county (I like to say we are an hour from anywhere) aside from hunt and fish, but we surely can boast of two theaters! The 'walk in" as we call it, has been around since the 1920's, and Mr. Hickox has recently refurbished it back to it's 20's roots. It's fabulous, with reclining seats, food brought to your seat, and gorgeous surroundings. Okay, the reclining seats aren't 20's based, but they sure are nice!! lol

Again, the term 'walk in' is perfectly understood by all locals to be the downtown theater. "Hey, did you hear that they are redoing the walk in?" (redoing is southern for refurbishing) "Have you been to the walk in since they redid it?" "The walk in sure is nice!" ect. Also used for the 'drive in'.

You can read more about this theater's history, as well as our drive in, by Googling "Jesup Strand" or "Jesup Drive in". Enjoy!

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