Friday, November 6, 2020


I wonder if the mail in ballots were in favor of trump, if it would still be fraud. Would he/they still call for them to be thrown out? Somehow I doubt it. Saw where bannon 'metaphorically' called for beheadings of people who 'didn't get in line', and free republic agreed with him. Calling for 'war,' and such. Interesting that the Reps didn't squall about Dems cheating in 16, bc Reps won, but now that they're behind, suddenly, there's cheating. I see a pattern here. A man was arrested for plotting to bomb? the Pa center where the votes are counted. Wonder what side he was on....I bet FR calls him a 'true patriot.' SMH, such things to be proud of. So this morning....Ga ballots are coming in from overseas from MILITARY. People are calling for these to be thrown out. So, they are so scared they are willing to snatch our soldiers votes from them. Not a good look for the 'military worshippers.' So much for every vote counts. If fraud was so widespread, why aren't they calling for Trump won states to be recounted? I mean, Trump could have EVEN MORE votes there!! Don't we want all the votes counted properly? Who can tell where fraud occurred for sure. Best to recount them all, right?? But no, it's only in the states that Trump is LOSING that fraud occurred. No word about the winning states, apparently, since T is winning those, fraud doesn't matter. Hmmm.... More thoughts to come, as this goes on.


  1. This is a very interesting election. If Biden wins, and I think he will, the Trumpers will say he cheated and stole the election on the other hand if Trump wins, the Trumpers will not have any problem with the win. I am curious what Trump will do if he doesn't win? Will he skip the country?

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