Thursday, January 3, 2019

Everybody else is doing it....

So why don't I?
GOALS, y'all!! lol

I quit making these years ago when I realized I was just doing the same things every year, but never following through on them. Why bother, right? So here's a new attempt at things I think I can actually do, at least in part.

1. Meet up with the homeschool group each time, or most of the time they meet.
We missed most of last year b/c of health, time, money, ect.
2. Use all of those dang cookbooks I hoard/have. Try new recipes, bake more (cakes/bread).
Over the holidays, I ordered around 20 more. Help me!! Heehee
3. Read my Bible more, pray more deeply.
4. Quit or cut down on a number of bad habits, and/or cut them out altogether.
This one is a private list, I ain't sharing everything with y'all! lol
5. And skirting dangerously close to 'exercise/lose weight' is, be more active, or more purposely active. Walk to the mailbox (a nice stroll down our long driveway), around the pond (once it's mowed back there), ect. Use our home gym (rower and bowflex) at least once a week, if only for 5 minutes.

There might be more, as the year goes along, but those are what's on my mind right now.

I do love cookbooks, and browsing through them. I love to read travel/food memoirs.
I'll do a post on that soon.

Now that Drake, and I, have made new friends, I'm hoping that better attendance at the co ops will encourage him to speak more. Mayhaps N will help with this, easing Drake into the cliques that one finds everywhere. We've already planned to join them on Jekyll Island the 18th for a treasure hunt and byo-picnic lunch. Drake seemed excited about it!

Like many, I pray throughout the day, talk to the Lord, ect. But I don't really set aside a time to focus on prayer and praise. I used to do this, starting off with a hymn from my hymnal *usually praying through it, too), then moving into a chapter or verses of the Bible. Often I would use the Bible in a year guide. It helped me a lot, emotionally and spiritually.

Moving intentionally, not just at work, or around the house/daily stuff. My weight holds steady, but I need to lose around 50lbs, and that won't happen the way I"m going. So I figure if I work in 5 min of exercise on the rower, or a walk to the mailbox once a week or so for a month or two, then increase that to more times a week, it will become a habit I can stick with.  I refuse to commit to a specific number of times a week, b/c then I will surely fall behind and want to give up/feel like a failure. Baby steps!

Bad habits. Well, we all have those, right? I'll work on them, like the other stuff, bit by bit. Increasing prayer and Bible time will surely help me here. And in other things, as God so often does. :)

So there, my chickies, is my version of the 'New Year's Resolutions' list.
Nothing earth shattering, but it's a start, and isn't that what the New Year is all about?


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  1. I like your goals list. I'm trying to lose a few pounds myself and exercise. We have have to walk to our mailbox which is about half a mile away. We have those cluster mailboxes which is a pain especially in the rain and snow. I have a ton of cookbooks too and just last week I have started to use them. Actually I should really think about purging my cookbooks because I have way too many. One cookbook I have purely for sentimental reasons is one called "Two Fat Ladies". They were two British ladies who had a cooking show back on The Food Network back in the 1990s. Both ladies have passed now. So I have their cookbook with recipes that are horribly bad for you. Plus they are expensive to make. Anyway, blessings to you as you complete the goals, with the Lord's help.