Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Lift up your head

Some changes from the last update.

Sweet, precious, Pam passed away last week. She was surrounded by family and friends, her house decked out for her favorite holiday, Christmas *she always had around 12 trees up each year. She had planned her funeral, written her obituary, recorded her voice for her family and future grandchildren.

The last words she said were, as she sat up in bed and pointed to each person present, "I want to see you in Heaven, so LIVE FOR CHRIST." Then, she lay back, and let God take her shortly thereafter.

Her funeral was an amazing testimony of her love for Christ. Let me tell you, they HAD CHURCH!
Thou, O Lord, Take me to the King, Chainbreaker, Worthy. People were on their feet, clapping, shouting out, hands to Heaven. It was a wonderful funeral, if I can say that and make sense. More about Him, and less about her. Beautiful.

Please be in prayer for her husband (she was only 49, he a year older), two grown sons, her mother, brother, and all her many friends.

In our personal news, we are NOT happy with Mayo Jacksonville.
They failed to send lab results to the correct doctor, instead sending them to a former doc.
They misinterpreted labs, or the labs were wrong, we're not sure which. Tony's GFR is not 17, it is 11. Perhaps down from a week of devastating diarreah and dehydration, we are not sure. December labs with his regular nephrologist will tell.

Good news is, he still has room for a kidney, so remains active on the transplant list.
Worrying news is, he has a physical coming up, and his vision has been worrisome.

Please pray for him, for his kidney needs, vision needs (glaucoma), and overall emotional and spiritual health.  It is a time of uncertainty for us, but we are holding fast to the words in the songs above, and we know He's got this.


  1. Tammy, I'm so sorry to hear of dear Pam's passing. I will be praying for her family. I also will be praying for Tony's health issues. It sounds like there is some incompetent people in the medical field there.