Thursday, November 5, 2020

Another rant, bc it's better than punching people in the face. I guess.

Update on birthday stuff: my nephew and fam did mail Drake a monetary gift. So there's that, I guess. He's stopped answering Dhs texts and calls, though. Dh used my phone to text him, asking if he was mad w us. He answered that, saying he was not, but had been working late. So why not answer Dhs texts about it? I don't know. Whatever. Sister still has yet to say or do anything. I wonder if it's because Dh is rather vocal about dislike of 'dear leader' on FB. Nephew isn't on Fb anymore, but might hear from Sister. I'm rambling, string of thought stuff here. Sorry. Doesn't matter. We're not close anyway. This year we will be eating with neice/dh side. Should be different, a nice change of pace. We don't plan to stay long, as Drake's anxiety will be high. And if there are a lot of people we def wont stay long. Not sure who shes invited. Small house, so small crowd/family only, maybe. People on FB losing their minds over the election. Cannot imagine that so many people would come out to vote against dear leader. lol Just saw a family friend on Fb say that people go on disability bc 'their arms and legs ache.' Uh-huh. She's ab 60, still able to drive a tractor, do yard work, ect. No med issues with her or her husband. Then people are mad bc FL raised the min wage. If you point out that everything ELSE is going up but pay, they say you should get a better job. Don't have skills for that? Go to school. But I can't afford school. So, they say, get a better job. Better yet, get TWO! Can't get a better job w/o skills, tho. So go to school! See where this is going? It's the old 'I've got mine, too bad for you' attitude. And they are so righteous about it. So holier than thou. Talking about we'll be waiting on dr visits and people wont be able to get meds. NEWSFLASH, they can't afford the damn meds NOW! Or the procedures they need on the cheapie insurance that's the only one they qualify for or can afford. I know, I have the 'cheapie' insurance. Ugh. Talking about taxes going up. Wah, wah, wah. They like everything else, are going up anyway. At least we ought to get something for them, like insurance, help for the poor, ect, rather than a shiny new air force jet or army tank. I'm not saying defund the military, but what is so wrong with helping people up to your level???? I was once one of those gung ho, pull yourself up by your bootstraps, work for what you have people. Still think people should work for a living. But some people need help getting out of poverty. That's a fact, jack. I'm ashamed of America. Whining over little masks, mocking deaths as nothing, poo poo-ing the poor, and more. Don't get me started on stuff like DACA, or the kids in cages. Might not have caused it, but this admin hasn't done much to help with either. I'm tired of people. I hate Ga. If we could afford to move, we would. Anyone want to adopt us? sigh.....


  1. Oh Tammy you have such a sweet face. I can't see you punching people in the face. Maybe a swift kick in the behind.😊
    If I could adopt you all.💖💕

    1. That should have read, If I could, I'd adopt you all.💖💕

    2. Well, I'd like to, sometimes. You know, temper gets the best of us all occasionally. I'm just so shocked and angered, and yes, saddened at what I see from who I thought were better than this. Ranting here keeps me sane in the real world, bc real life ranting, or pleading, as I've tried, gets me nowhere. :(

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