Friday, October 16, 2020

With family like this.....

Drake turned 12 the last of Sept. He chose not to have a party, bc of the virus and his anxiety about it. We did not force the issue. Instead, we went, during the week while kids were in school, to Florida to a museum *we were the only ones there, putt putt *only one family came after us, no one before, and got take out a great hamburger place. He was good with that, along with the presents he got from his dad and I, and his nana and papa. That said. Presents. Now, no one owes him anything. But it is commonly acknowledged that giving gifts to the children in ones family is expected on birthdays, and Christmas. When our Great nephew turned 10, we all went to their house and gave $25. Spent an hour, ate burgers and chips, cake and ice cream, and watched him open gifts. Drake was miserable. Would not engage with anyone, though this is normal when strangers are around. But he was worried about the virus. We left after perhaps an hour and 15 minutes. But we did give a gift. When DH told nephew there would be no party, he told my sister, which was fine. She texted and asked why. I told her, she said she understood. No problem. Fast forward two weeks, three from when I told her, and she, and nephew, have yet to give gifts. To text and ask if they can come by to drop them off, or to tell us to come and get them!! We live in the same county, 20 min from each other. Not a word about it, even that she/they'd get it to us soon as possible. Nothing about meeting up in town to give it, either. I'm ticked. Do you think that no party meant no gifts? Is that the right thing to do??? Or are you just going to casually bring it up when we're together again *possibly Christmas,and give something then??? Do you not think he might like his gifts now, at his birthday time??? My sister is 12 years older than I. We are 2 diff people, though we love each other. I guess. She rarely *likes or comments on my FB posts, though she will on others, I've seen it. Nephew isn't on FB anymore. Possibly a good thing. Never texts or calls. Of course, I don't either, but we did once get together a few times a year. Last couple of times they came to our house for Drake's party, they left within an hour bc they had something else to do!!! Or they wanted to hurry up and eat and get to gifts, so they could go? Like it's a burden to come out here. So, no effort for Drake at all. Okay, fine. If it's not important to you, we don't need to try to keep up appearances of family, either. Our hope is to pay off our house, sell it, and MOVE. Out of Ga, and further north, KY most likely. A good compromise,and we love what we've seen of it the several times we've been. There's no family here, no support. My sister and my nephew are all that's left and they apparently can't be bothered to do the minimum for a child. I'm done with everyone this year, 'family' included.


  1. I'm sorry this happened to your sweet child.☹ I can't believe he's 12 already! How did that happen?!
    If you move, you could move here to Arizona. Not all of Arizona is super hot.

    1. I know, they grow up too dang fast!
      Arizona is beautiful! I wouldn't say no. What part do yall live in? I cant remember right now. How's yalls winters?

  2. We live near Prescott. We get snow but way less than Flagstaff which is about 2 hours or so away.

    1. I'll have to study up on that area. Some snow might be nice. We do have a ball with it when it finally comes here, about once a decade, lol.

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