Tuesday, June 9, 2020

The Purge?

People make me tired, have I mentioned that?

If this keeps up, all I'll have on my FB is fun, pretty groups, and no real person ' friends', aside from family.

Might be a good idea, come to think of it.


  1. I don't have Facebook but I recently got an Instagram account. So far I have had no issues except unfollowing people who promote ungodly things. I've learned to be very careful who I follow and who follows me because like you, people make me tired and can really get on my nerves.

  2. Yes, this last incident was in response to the recent protests. And not in a supportive way, either. Our own little town has had several, including a little parade, and all was peaceful and orderly. But of course, some have to make snarky or downright hateful comments. I live in the deep south (SE Ga, for reference) but the ignorance and selfishness of some people make me glad I can't virtually slap them. *Forgive me, Lord.

    My pastors wife, who is extremely political, she headed up the local Rep campaign for Cruz, BLOCKED me. Not snoozed, or unfriended, but totally blocked me so that I can't find her anymore. Seriously??? How are you going to react when I do return to church? A smile and all's well, b/c we didnt' have anything in common, or will you turn away and snub me over this? SMH.

    Another who I had a discussion with has since deactivated her FB account entirely (though I doubt it was me alone, she was frustrated with a lot of people and their views).

    So many tender snowflakes. It might be wrong, but I laugh a little at it all.

    Hugs, girl!