Thursday, May 14, 2020


So, a couple weeks ago, I posted a link to a political article, featuring the president. It had his own words, and I asked a question ab it.

Apparently, it set my pastor's wife off, and she blocked me. Now, she is a very strong political person and Trump supporter. Very politically active on FB, and headed up the 16 campaign in our town for Cruz, before he dropped out.

I never mentioned her, the artical did not reference anything she had posted. But I hadn't seen anything from her in a week or so, so I went to see her page.

Can't find her on FB at all. Not even on her husband, our pastor's, page. Well. Okay then. Not sure how to feel ab this.

A little bit, really??? And a bit, whatever. Will she ignore me when we go back to church, or smile to my face?

Maybe this is a temporary thing, a heat of the moment move? I've snoozed a couple people who were triggers for me, politically, but I haven't unfriended or blocked them.

I'm just....what??? Are you even serious????

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